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With automobile brakes lasting in excess of 60,000 miles before the pads need to be replaced, you might think they would be able to make some brake pads that last at least 10,000 miles for a side-by-side like the Polaris General. When you think about it, though, the brakes on a car aren’t subjected to the same amount of dirt, mud, sand, dirty water crossings, etc. If they were, they wouldn’t last nearly as long, which goes to show that the life of your UTV brakes and brake pads depends less on the piece between the steering wheel and seat, and more on the terrain you ride. We’ve seen riders go thousands of miles without changing their brake pads, while other riders -- who traverse sandy and wet conditions -- only get 1-2 rides out of their pads. In addition to the trail grade and conditions, the life of your General’s brake pads will also be affected by how much you brake. If, for example, you use your engine to brake, the pads, rotors, and calipers won’t have to work as much, therefore extending their lifespan.


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If you think that you’re blowing through brake pads unusually fast -- especially if you’re running the stronger brass brake pads -- you might have a warranty claim for a caliper problem. If your brake caliper isn’t releasing properly, it can get hung up, engaging the pad and wearing down both parts in the process. To fix this, try to apply the brakes hard a few times with the pads in place and check the calipers, they should wobble a little bit, which means they are releasing properly. If they don’t have any wiggle room, then the slides could be hanging up, the boots could be torn and letting dirt in, the adjuster screw could be set too tight, or your master cylinder/brake pedal may not be returning all the way. You can replace the drilled rotors with solid rotors and throw on some new pads from Race Driven. And if this still doesn’t solve the problem with your General’s brakes, give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t dig in further to identify a solution.