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When it comes to the body of the Polaris General, changing the appearance is the most common alteration. Be it a dinged up or dented body panel, scratches, or simply a color you don’t like, there are a few ways to alter the exterior body of your General. Body wraps are always an option, but they’re not cheap. You can get a quality wrap done at most places for between $500-$900 depending on if it’s plain or has graphics on it. Painting your General is also an option if you want to change up the look of your machine. If you do it right, the paint will look good for sure, but it will scratch easier than a wrap does. Wraps will scratch and doubt, but they tend to resist scratches better. If you decide painting is the way to go and you want to do it yourself, make sure you add a flex additive to it. Start by first cleaning your rig, then wet sand the factory paint off. After it dries, hit it with a regular automotive base coat and a subsequent clear coat. If you’re primarily concerned about protecting your rig’s body, you could just bedline or plasticoat the whole thing. If you use Linex -- which is the best in our opinion, the protective coating will be extremely durable, but add a good amount of weight to your machine. Also, after lining your bike, you won’t be able to add any stickers or graphics. So this option is for those who are strictly focused on performance and functionality.


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If you don’t want to get a wrap, paint your rig, or line/coat it, another way to change the appearance and visual aesthetics of your General is to swap out the body panels. Like the other two methods, changing the plastic body panels isn’t cheap, but the process is relatively simple. Swap out the outer hood panel, the 2 bed side panels, and/or everything in between. Throw on some camo body panels for hunting, some white lightning panels to blend in during the winter, or some neon green with gray panels to make your bike stand out when you’re cruising down the trail. If you’re on the fence about your General’s body color, sleep on it for a bit. A friend of the site got the neon on black colored Polaris General and wasn’t happy at first. But it grew on him over a few weeks and now he loves it. But if you’re sure that you want to change the appearance of your vehicle’s body, give us a jingle and we’ll run you through some options.