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Lighted Mirrors

Why get individual lights and mirror accessories for your UTV when you can kill two birds with one stone through the use of lighted Polaris General mirrors? If you're going to get side-by-side mirrors, you may as well pick up a set of multi-purpose mirrors with extra features, which is why Everything Polaris Ranger offers numerous lighted mirror options for the Polaris General. For lighted side mirrors, the Pursuit Night Vision Series by Seizmik are popular. They come with all the required wire harnesses, and you can get auxiliary pulse bar plugs for them as well. And with dual LEDs on each side, you can switch between green light and white light at a moment's notice. If you're driving down a dark trail and want to give your headlights some assistance, you can. Or if you want to go into "night vision" mode, simply switch the mirrors to green and shut your other lights off. You'll still have decent visibility, but you and your Polaris General will be invisible to animals that cannot see in the green light wavelength. In addition to Seizmik's lighted side mirrors, companies like Moose and Rigid Industries also make side mirrors for the Polaris General with built-in LEDs. Both provide side optics and wide light beams for better visibility when cornering, and both also have outer LEDs that you can pair with your turn signal kit.

While lighted side mirrors for the Polaris General are an awesome way to boost your rig's exterior lighting, you shouldn't overlook lighted rearview mirrors. Instead of dome lights, dash lights, or light pods, an easy way to get quality interior lighting is with a lighted rearview mirror. You can set them to turn on and off with keyed power, or use dash switches or on-unit buttons to operate the LEDs. If you're looking to add lights to your UTV setup, the lighted Polaris General mirrors at Everything Polaris Ranger are a great way to do so.