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Pick up a Polaris General bed cooler for weekend rides and day trips, or equip your hunting rig with a Polaris General cooler mount capable of holding a massive ice chest. And to keep the items in your off-road cooler secured and easy to access, we also offer things like Polaris General cooler straps and Polaris General cooler tie-downs!

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One thing the Polaris General is great for is off-road adventures like hunting trips, fishing trips, and hiking trips. If you’re going to be gone for more than half a day in your Polaris General, you’ll want a way to bring along fresh food and drinks. And if you’re going hunting or fishing with your Polaris General, you’ll want a way to keep the game or fish you catch fresh so you can take it home and enjoy it. The solution to all of the above is by outfitting your Polaris General with a good UTV cooler. Don’t make the mistake of bringing along a flimsy beach or picnic cooler out on your Polaris General as these simply aren’t built to withstand the abuse of the off-road.

At Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find a selection of the best UTV coolers from highly regarded brands like Nelson-Gear, Rough Country, Greene Mountain Outdoors, ATV TEK, Assault Industries, and Kolpin Powersports. One of our favorite Polaris General coolers is the Polaris Ranger 20QT Super-Cooler by Kolpin Powersports. This stylish yet durable cooler features a freezer-grade gasket to keep ice frozen for up to five days. It’s also certified bear resistant. And if you need more space, this cooler also comes in a 60-quart size. We even offer electric coolers and portable refrigerators like the Polaris General 45L Portable Refrigerator/Electric Cooler by Rough Country.

When it comes to UTV coolers, the consensus in the powersports community is that there is no consensus. While some riders swear by Yeti coolers, others consider them to be the iPhone of the side-by-side cooler world: overpriced and overrated. Many argue that there are lots of other side by side companies that make UTV coolers that are every bit as good as the expensive brand-name coolers yet cost substantially less. After all, why would someone throw down five hundred dollars on a “status symbol” side by side cooler when a cheap Coleman or Igloo brand can perform many of the same functions? Polaris branded UTV coolers are regarded with similar feelings: a good product, but pricey. And with a slew of new cooler companies coming online to fill the market gap for hunters and fishermen, the industry is seeing increasing competition in the cooler space.

Side by side and cooler companies like Canyon Coolers, Grizzly, and RTIC have gained notoriety in recent years. Regarding the former, its smooth sides and ability to fit in tight places without protruding handles that get in the way has caused many side by side riders to question their preconceived UTV cooler brand loyalties. At the end of the day, the right cooler or cooler-related aftermarket accessory for you will depend on what you use it for. If your biggest issue is running out of adult drinks when riding, a large cooler for the bed of your Polaris General should work. But if the primary use for your UTV coolers is as meat lockers, you’ll likely want something a little more heavy duty that can fit a bull elk and keep cool in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Whatever the case may be, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the right Polaris General coolers for every and all applications both on the trail and at the campsite.

High temperatures in your UTV can reduce the fun and your riding experience. The situation may not change much if you choose a side by side cooler aftermarket accessories of low quality and not durable. This situation is even worse when you have acquired the new General 1000 or General 4 1000 model yet your cooler components are compromised. But that does not have to be you as we have the best, yet affordable coolers from reputable manufacturers. Something else about these cooler components is the fact that they are extremely rugged, supercool and designed for the General Polaris Ranger models, specifically the General 4 1000 and the General 1000. Depending on your preferences in terms of design and shape, as well as your budget, you can get a cooler that fits your situation perfectly. Talk to us today, and for that memorable and super cool experience, choose the ideal component. You will love it.