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Rear Bumpers and Brush Guards

If you're looking for a Polaris General rear bumper with a center light, a winch mount, or a convenient stepping platform to access the bed, we've got it here at Everything Polaris Ranger. And in addition to rear bumpers, we also offer rear brush guards for the Polaris General for increased protection on the back end of your rig. Some rear bumpers made for Polaris' Ranger lineup of UTVs can be easily modified to fit the Polaris General, but doing so might hinder your bed dumping capabilities or cause other unforeseen issues that you might not have considered. The rear bumpers for the Polaris General that come on the machine from the dealership are designed to ride lower, which provides great muffler protection, and they don't interfere with bed dumping either. However they aren't the meanest looking rear bumpers out there, and they do have drawbacks of their own. Alternate options are available from companies like Bad Dawg and Vendetta Motorsports, which both make exceptionally strong bumpers for the Polaris General in either tubular or box styles. While neither style is superior, depending on your riding style, one or the other might be preferable.

If you primarily use your Polaris General to play on the rocks, you'll probably want a rear bumper like the one by Bad Dawg, which attaches up close and sits tightly against the machine. If your rear bumper sticks out too much, it is more likely to catch on the way down when dropping off ledges. For rock crawling, hollow, tube-style bumpers won't fare as well as a solid metal bumper. That being said, tubular bumpers can take a hell of a lick, and do just fine for most riding applications. Plus, they are quite a bit lighter than solid bumpers, which puts less stress on the rear springs of the vehicle's suspension system. Many rear Polaris General bumpers and brush guards come with built-in clevises, but this doesn't mean you should use them for towing. If the bumper's mounts are fragile, you might just rip the entire thing off if you're not careful. And for rear brush guards that won't inhibit the tailgate or bed dumping, you can find some at Everything Polaris Ranger that have hinge-down center sections which allow you to lower your tailgate as usual. No matter how you use your Polaris General, you're sure to find an appropriate rear bumper or rear brush guard at Everything Polaris Ranger.

4 products

4 products