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Pet Accessory

Don’t disrespect your dog and make sure he or she rides in style with a Polaris General dog box, a Polaris General dog seat, and Polaris General dog bed from Everything Polaris Ranger! Our huge selection of Polaris General pet accessories has something for everyone, so you’re guaranteed to find the Polaris Ranger animal products to keep your pets safe, secure, and happy in the field!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris General Pet Accessories?

Prioritizing Pet Safety and Security

Safety is not something you should take lightly, especially if you often go on adventures off the beaten path where surface quality is rather low.

You must choose accessories that are designed to handle the dynamic nature of off-road driving. 

Harnesses, carriers, and dog boxes need to be robust and securely attached to the UTV at all times while driving.

They should minimize movement and jolts, particularly on challenging terrains. Additionally, collars and leashes must have secure clasps to prevent accidental breakaways. Investing in quality safety features is essential for a worry-free off-road experience with your pet.

Comfort for Your Pet

Always opt for pet accessories that won’t cause anxiety or discomfort. A great way to think of these is highly breathable materials with lots of light.

The right size is crucial to avoid restriction or stress. Materials should be soft, breathable, and offer enough padding for a comfortable ride. 

In enclosed carriers or dog boxes, things such as these are even more important, adequate ventilation is vital to prevent overheating and ensure a pleasant journey for your pet.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Considering the obviously rugged nature of the Polaris General, it’s up to you to select pet accessories that are durable and can withstand varied weather conditions and rough handling. 

Therefore, do your best to look for water-resistant materials in seat covers, and ensure that harnesses and anchors are made of rust-proof metals. 

The overall build quality should be robust, and capable of enduring the demands of outdoor use.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The pet accessories you choose should be convenient in terms of installation, adjustment, cleaning, and maintenance. User-friendly designs are important for quick and easy handling. 

Accessories like washable pet carriers or seat covers are advantageous, simplifying the cleaning process after dusty or muddy rides.

It’s best to clean your accessories every time you use them since some pets are known to make them a bit smelly after a while.

Appropriate Size and Fitment

With the Polaris General, space management is important since the General isn’t the most spacious UTV out there.

Accessories should fit your pet comfortably without being too tight or restrictive. Check that carriers and dog boxes are of appropriate size, providing enough room for your pet while fitting neatly in your UTV.

For ramps and similar accessories, make sure they can support your pet’s weight and are always properly fastened to your UTV when in use.