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Long Travel Kits

Never settle for mediocre and pick up a Polaris General HCR long travel kit or a Polaris General SuperATV long travel kit from Everything Polaris Ranger! When the path ahead gets rough and tumble, you’ll be glad you’ve got the extra ground clearance, wider wheelbase, and additional shock length that Polaris General long travel suspension kits provide!

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The last thing you need when prepping for an excursion that is supposed to renew your zeal for life is to get bogged down by an evening of frustrating online shopping. Stop jumping around to generic, low-quality UTV accessory sites and get everything you need for that adventure of a lifetime with a Polaris Ranger General long travel kit from Everything Polaris Ranger. We know how important it is to utilize every square inch of space in and around that cab, so we’ve taken not a single inch for granted with these space-saving, durable, and practical long travel kits. We’ve got all the survival basics covered: food, shelter, and water, with these Polaris Ranger General coolers, collapsible fire pits, and even campers if you want to just park and set up somewhere. 

So, what will it be: the restless rambler or the campsite mainstay? Whether you’re looking to roam around for a few days/weeks or if you just want to up your camping game and everything in between, our comprehensive suite of Polaris Ranger General long travel kits and individual accessories will accommodate your needs so that you can feel safe and well-supplied in any situation. Even before you set up camp, if you need GPS with offline capabilities to set pins for reference, we’ve got you covered. Or if you’re just looking for a simple cooking setup and a “roof” over your head to get that classic camping experience, we’ve got you literally covered once again. In a nutshell, it’s all here, and it all was made to fit with your Polaris Ranger General. Have fun and be safe out there, wanderer.