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Wiring & Harnesses

For end-to-end electronic accessory setups in the Polaris General, there's no better place to find UTV wiring and wire harnesses than Everything Polaris Ranger. We've got Polaris General wires and UTV wire looms for those that want to organize the messy factory wiring, as well as wire kits, fuses, and relay boxes for those with numerous aftermarket accessories running concurrently. Additionally, we also offer a large selection of pigtail wire connectors and replacement Polaris General wire harnesses. A common issue with the Polaris General is that the wire harness towards the back of the machine by the battery tends to rub against the drive shaft. If you catch it soon enough, you might be able to drop the skid plates, access the wire harness, and zip-tie it snug. But if it's been left unchecked for a while, the drive shaft might have rubbed clean through the ignition power wire. Whether you're replacing a worn out wire harness or adding another accessory to your side-by-side's electric system, Everything Polaris Ranger has the wiring kits, wire harnesses, and other wire-related components for any and all jobs.

A good UTV wiring job takes planning, patience, and smarts. But regardless of whether you're a perfectionist who cringes at the site of poorly executed wiring jobs, or an outcome-oriented individual who focuses on the ends rather than the means, we've got the wires and wire harnesses for any Polaris General owner. Want some wire harnesses to fully integrate your blinker switches into your dash panel? We've got you covered. Need some pulse bar plugs for the light pods you're going to install on your Polaris General? We have you there as well. Don't risk short circuits and ensure that your accessories won't get burnt or fried by using the best UTV wiring and wire harnesses from Everything Polaris Ranger.

36 products

36 products