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Whether you're on the hunt for some aftermarket switches to use in your Polaris General 1000 Deluxe, or a switch panel setup to house all the light switches in your Polaris General 4-seater, for great quality UTV switch accessories at killer prices, Everything Polaris Ranger is the way to go. We have switches with intuitive icons that correspond to their attached accessory, as well as novelty switches that are both functional and amusing. Be it a control switch for the cube lights on the back of your ROPS, a rocker switch for the winch on your front bumper, or a button-style switch to control your windshield wipers, any and all Polaris General switches can be found here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Some riders like to upgrade the accessory switches on their side-by-sides by installing higher quality switches, while others simply want a better way to control their devices. Marine-grade switches, for example, are a couple dollars more expensive than regular switches, but because they are waterproof and extremely resilient, they can make up for the higher cost in the long run.

With Polaris General switches and switch panels from companies like Mictuning, STV Motorsports, XTC Power Products, and many others, you're sure to find an appropriate switch for any purpose. Need a UTV switch to manually control your clutch fan? We've got a switch for that. Looking for a side-by-side switch to control your hazard lights, helmet air, or heated seats? We carry switches for all of the above and more. You don't have to mix and match switches for a congruent look. With the switches at Everything Polaris Ranger, you can get individual switches or an entire switch set with matching colors and similar graphic styles. And if you run out of space in the factory dash switch panel, we've got a variety of aftermarket switch panels to hold as many switches as you need.

1 - 36 of 65 products

1 - 36 of 65 products