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Light Bars

Some riders like to go cheap with their Polaris General light bars, while others are fine with paying a higher price for quality accessories. At Everything Polaris Ranger, however, we have amazing UTV light bars to use on the Polaris General 1000 that won't break the bank. With light bars from companies like Rocky Mountain ATV, Tusk, Auxbeam, and Rigid, you're sure to find a light bar that will illuminate your path forward for years to come. Rough Country light bars are a good middle ground between the expensive light bar options and the Amazon cheapos that don't last more than a few months. Race Sport Lighting is another awesome firm that makes UTV lights. Using sealed wire harnesses, protected relays, and airtight connectors, the electronics on Race Sport Lighting's light bars are rock solid. And unlike other light bars that accumulate moisture under the lens, these and the other light bars at Everything Polaris Ranger won't be affected by any adverse weather conditions. If you enjoy the rush of online shopping and love getting packages delivered to your doorstep, getting a cheap Chinese light bar every few months might be fine. But if you want a USA-made, all-billet constructed light bar that is as bright as any light out there, Everything Polaris Ranger has you covered.

Companies like Baja Designs have Polaris General light bars for most budgets, and the 42" curved Nilight light bar is a cheap and popular brand as well. Whatever you're looking for, however, Everything Polaris Ranger likely carries it. We have close-range light bars with dispersed beam patterns, and long-distance light bars that focus light beams on far-away points. Want a single-row LED light bar for your Polaris General XP 1000 Deluxe? We have just the one for you. Interested in a double-row light bar for your Polaris General 4 1000? Everything Polaris Ranger has those as well. Whatever the case may be, for quality UTV light bars, shop Everything Polaris Ranger to avoid disappointment and buyer's remorse.

1 - 36 of 221 products

1 - 36 of 221 products