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Interior Lights

Some Polaris General owners use rock lights to illuminate the inside of their side-by-side, while others use battery-powered camping lights or cheap truck bed lighting. Still others use LED strips with waterproof 3M tape on the back, or the removable dome light kits by Dragonfire Racing. But regardless of the particulars, Everything Polaris Ranger has a variety of Polaris General interior lights to satisfy any need. Some Pro Armor harnesses have battery-powered touch LED lights on them, which are quite handy. And for those who want to maintain their machine's factory look, we also have interior Polaris General lights that screw right into the roof with a built-in on / off switch. Simply run the wiring inside the roll bar to the junction box underneath the hood and you're ready to rock! Be it clear / white rock lights on a door switch, or a factory dome light kit controlled via a rocker switch on the dash, Everything Polaris Ranger has both ambient interior lighting and objective interior lighting made for UTVs and the Polaris General specifically.

If your 2019 G4 Ride Command came with a factory roof but not a factory dome light, we can help with that. Or if you want some in-bed lighting to use in your G2 when you're finishing up or beginning a task at dusk or dawn, we can assist you there as well. We have interior lights that can be wired to keyed power and remain on whenever the vehicle is running, and switch-controlled interior lights for those who do a lot of predator hunting and want to be able to slip around in the dark with the lights off. Whether you're looking for interior lights to match the color of your Polaris General's paint job, or interior lights for functional use exclusively, we're positive you'll find whatever it is you're after at Everything Polaris Ranger.