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Cab Gun Racks

If you want a way to carry your guns in the cabin of your Polaris General, there are a variety of cab gun racks to choose from. Not only do cab gun racks let you get to your guns quickly, but they also hold them out of harm's way under the cover of your UTV cab. There are several different styles of in-cab Polaris General gun racks to choose from. Some are made to hold a rifle or shotgun upright next to the passenger, while others locate guns horizontally behind the seats and below the rear windshield. Units like the Blac-Rac weapon retention system attach to the rectangular frame crossmember behind the headrests, while options like the Quick Draw gun rack by Great Day mount under the roof of the Polaris General. Due to the General's unique roll cage design, however, as well as things like sound bar mounts and rear-view mirrors, many out-of-the-box roof-mounted cab gun racks just won't work. Instead, many riders opt for floor-mounted and on-seat Polaris General gun racks. Although these options can interfere somewhat with legroom and passenger space, they are a surefire way to carry anything from an AR-15 to a Merlin lever-action.

Whether you're toting firepower for coyotes and bears or poachers and trespassers, the Polaris General cab gun racks at Everything Polaris Ranger will keep your guns within arms reach. After all, letting your guns slide around in the cab or bed of your Polaris General isn't good for either one. Dash-mounted gun racks are an option, which are super easy to access in low-visibility scenarios. But more discrete cab gun racks are available for riders that like to have their firearms a bit more hidden when traveling on black top or in public access areas. Whatever style of in-cab gun rack you're after, though, if you want one that clamps tight and will never come loose, the Polaris General cab gun racks from Everything Polaris Ranger are a great solution.