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Bed Gun Racks

Many Polaris General owners like to run bed cargo racks by UTV accessory firms like Dragon Works and Razorback Offroad. However, bed gun racks for the Polaris General are also available for those that want to keep their in-cab storage space open for accessories, gear, and supplies. Some Hunter Edition Polaris Generals come with bed-mounted gun boots and brackets, but even if you own the Polaris General Deluxe, the Polaris General Premium, or the 4-seat Polaris General 4 1000, you can still get bed gun racks to hold your firearms securely in, on, or above the cargo bed of your vehicle. The Kolpin gun boot, for example, can be mounted at the top of the bed next to the cabin. It is angled in such a way as to both protect the firearm and preserve cargo space. So regardless of whether you're going on an extended hunting trip, or you're just headed out for a few hours during the day for a little target practice, you'll always have enough space to pack whatever you need in the bed of your Polaris General. Bed gun racks for the Polaris General are also popular for those that run Pro Box tops and other styles of audio roofs. If you don't need immediate access to your firearms, an in-bed gun rack is a fantastic way to haul your guns around.

From the factory Polaris double-gun scabbard for the bed of the Polaris General to bed gun rack accessories that tie into the vehicle's hitch receiver, there are plenty of ways to carry a firearm when UTV riding. Bed rail gun racks are one way, and there are bed gun mounts that hold gun boots and gun cases so that your weapons stay dialed in and scratch-free. No matter what the terrain is like where you ride, with a quality Polaris General bed gun rack from Everything Polaris Ranger, your firearms can tag along worry-free without putting you, your passengers, or your Polaris General at risk.

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4 products