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Hitch Adapters

Whether you're wanting to pull a Groundhog tiller with your Polaris General 1000 at the deer lease, or a UTV trailer with your four-seat Polaris General Deluxe around your property to collect firewood, the use of a Polaris General hitch adapter might be required. So if the hitch receiver on your UTV is tucked up under the bed too tightly, if you need a link adapter for different styles of hitches, or if you want to join hitch sleeves with non-compatible hitch receivers, the Polaris General hitch adapters at Everything Polaris Ranger will solve any coupling issue. We've got trailer hitch extensions and elongated hitch receiver tubes if you need more length, as well as drop hitches and angled hitch receivers if you need better clearance. Looking to add versatility to your UTV's hitch setup? A 2-in-1 hitch adapter will allow you to run non-matching hitch sleeves without having to change the receiver tube. Do you already own a hitch adapter that is far from snug and rattles excessively? Worry not, because the Polaris General hitch adapters you'll find here are tight as can be with various levels of adjustability.

When running UTV implements that require 3-point hitches, Polaris General owners with standard hitch receivers can use 3-point hitch adapters to make things work properly. Similarly, there are many types of UTV carts, wagons, and trailers built with differing ride heights. And while drop hitches can be used for trailers that ride lower than the hitch of the Polaris General, if the trailer you're looking to pull is taller than your machine, a receiver riser bar adapter is likely required. But regardless of whether you need a pin hitch adapter for your four-door Polaris General 1000, a ball hitch adapter for your Polaris General Deluxe, or any other style of hitch adapter for any Polaris General, everything you need is at Everything Polaris Ranger.

3 products

3 products