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Heat Shields

Whether you’re after a Polaris General muffler heat shield, a Polaris General exhaust heat deflector, or some other type of Polaris General heat shield, we’re sure to have the appropriate products for you here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Our in-bed 2019 Polaris General heat shields are the perfect way to supplement the insulating capabilities of your off-road cooler, while our Polaris General cab heat shields can be placed either under the seats or behind the console to mitigate engine heat!

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Excess heat is always an issue for any high-performance motorized vehicle, and the Polaris General is no exception. If not properly contained, the heat generated from your Polaris General’s engine can permeate throughout the entire vehicle and can potentially damage heat-sensitive parts like spark plugs as well as electrical components. The best way to protect your Polaris General’s spark plugs and electrical components from radiant heat is to use heat shields and heat wraps. Protecting your Polaris General’s spark plugs with spark plug heat protection is a great way to significantly extend the life of your spark plugs and avoid having to frequently replace them. We recommend using the Polaris General Protect-A-Boot™ Spark Plug Protection by Design Engineering, which are made from a high temperature resistant glass fiber material and treated with a proprietary coating.

Unless you want to risk your Polaris General’s electrical accessories shorting out, you should take steps to protect your electrical wiring from radiant heat using heat shield sleeving. The Polaris General Heat Shroud Aluminized Sleeving by Design Engineering is a great choice. This heat shroud is made from a high temperature rated glass fiber fabric with an aluminized outer facing. This heat sleeving can be ordered in a variety of different sizes and is easy to trim to fit your desired length. This heat shroud is a must for electrical components that are close to your Polaris General’s engine.

Your Polaris General’s exhaust and muffler is one of the locations where radiant heat builds up the most. You’ll know this all too well if you’ve ever had the misfortune of burning yourself on your Polaris General’s hot exhaust or muffler. Exhaust wraps and exhaust heat shields are the best way to prevent this from happening. You can choose to use something like the Polaris General Muffler/Exhaust Heat Shield Kit by Design Engineering, or you can wrap up your exhaust using something like the Polaris General Exhaust Wrap Titanium With LR Technology by Design Engineering.

If your Polaris General heat shields are damaged, rattly, or missing completely, we've got the solutions you seek at Everything Polaris Ranger! We offer heat shields for both the exhaust headers and the muffler, as well as Polaris General heat shields for the engine bay area. For those that need replacement Polaris General heat shields, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to go. And for those looking for aftermarket Polaris General heat shields to insulate the cabin or bed of their vehicle, the options we offer are second to none. Riders with in-bed coolers like to use heat shields to prolong the cooling capacity of their ice chests, while those who bring dogs along when riding like to use heat shields to keep their K9 companions safe and comfortable. The Ruff Rider Pet Pad by Razorback Offroad, for example, is perfect for blocking heat from the bed floor of the Polaris General and laying down a lattice mat in the bed of your General will allow heat to escape, which can double the life of ice in your UTV cooler. Heat tape can also be applied to the under-side of your bed or onto the exhaust itself -- just make sure you get the right type of heat wrap for the job. Whatever your heat shielding needs may be, however, the selection of Polaris General heat shields at Everything Polaris Ranger won't let you down!

With back-seat Polaris General heat shields, you can reduce the in-cab temperature on those hot summer days. And with under-bed heat shields, you won't have to worry about melted plastics if your fuel mapping is too lean. In addition to bed heat shields and cab heat shields for the Polaris General, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we also offer hood and engine heat shields for both the G2 and the G4. If you've got the right Polaris General heat shields but are lacking the appropriate mounting hardware, we can help with that. Or if the plastic sections of your machine have become warped due to excessive heat, we have a wide variety of replacements available. Don't let yourself or your rig get beat by the heat and invest in some Polaris General heat shields from Everything Polaris Ranger today!