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Harnesses and Safety

While we do offer a huge selection of retractable Polaris General harnesses, Polaris General harness seat belts, and 4-point Polaris General harnesses at Everything Polaris Ranger, these safety accessories alone just don’t cut it. Consequently, we make it a point to also carry Polaris General harness bars as well as Polaris General harness mounts in the form of Polaris General harness anchors and Polaris General harness brackets! 

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With a Harness / Safety Accessory installed on your Polaris General UTV, you'll greatly reduce the risk of injury in a crash! Add a racing style safety harness to your Polaris General from the wide selection of options available from Everything Polaris Ranger! We offer top-notch UTV safety accessories that are engineered and designed to protect you and reduce the risk of accident and injury! It's time to upgrade your Polaris General with some additional safety features! Everything Polaris Ranger has great UTV brands, like Assault Industries, DragonFire, QuadBoss, and more! Be a smarter, safer rider by adding these great products to your side by side today!

Crank up the safety on your side by side with a top of the line Harness / Safety Accessory from Everything Polaris Ranger! There's never a better time than right now to increase the safety of your Polaris General! With these great Harnesses / Aftermarket Safety Accessories, you'll be able to upgrade the level of protection in your UTV. We feature a great selection of 4 point harnesses, 5 point harnesses, UTV fire extinguisher holders, and more! Add one to your machine today! We're confident you'll notice the difference on your first ride out after install. You want your UTV safety gear to be reliable and to work right the first time, and that's exactly what all of these great products and aftermarket accessories will do for you!

Decreasing the risk of an accident and having you secured in your side by side’s seat is the only motivation for you to invest in a Polaris General Harness and a Polaris General Seat Belt. A seat belt is something that would get along with most stock components, but you can switch it out later for one of the many enhanced options available as various Polaris General Accessories and Polaris General Aftermarket Accessories. You can get more durable and resilient side by side seat belts and often these come in stylized and aesthetic looking patterns as well letting you jazz up your ride’s look.

Side by side safety harnesses aren’t just essential for racers but recommended for casual riders as well. We offer harnesses from the finest known UTV parts vendors like DragonFire, PRP and Pro Armor that specialize in safety gear for your Polaris General. Add up on the safety factor of your ride by installing pro armor seat belts and select from a multitude of designs up to your liking. You can further customize your choice according to your need by picking between a 4 point seat belt or a 5 point seat belt. Coming to safety accessories, safety harnesses from UTV Accessories and Side by Side Accessories let you secure yourself and your passengers. The harnesses are essentially available in the standard black option that is both practical and appealing. However, for the more adventurous taste, there are several other options including a variety of vibrant colors like blue, orange, red and even silver. Having a Polaris Harness Bar along with a UTV Harness and UTV seat belt makes your ride secure and gives you the confidence to push it to the limit. You can choose between 4 point harness and 5 point harness attachments suited to your liking and apart from that, you have a choice of whether you’d like 2 inches or 3-inch lap and shoulder belt widths. You don’t have to worry about safety being a boring ordeal for you because a lot of options, stylistically and comfort-wise make it easier for you to be excited about installing these accessories.

Harnesses and safety can make or break your trip as well as your life, literally. While you may be a careful driver who keeps on the right side and maintains speed, caring for other road users, we all know very well that crazy off roaders are also common. The sad thing is that you may not predict when you will encounter one. That is why quality harnesses and safety aftermarket accessories come in handy. As side by side enthusiasts, we believe that safety does not have to be overpriced. That is why we choose brands that we know will offer you safety components of value, performance, and durability at an affordable price. We have searched out and availed to you harnesses that are carefully designed for the new General 1000 or General 4 1000. Made from high-quality materials, these harnesses enhance not only your comfort but also your convenience. The selection is wide and for your budget and preferences, we are sure you will get something useful.