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Hand Controls

If you've got a Polaris General and find it difficult to drive, or if you're on the fence about getting a Polaris General because of a disability, we've got just the stuff for you at the hand control section of Everything Polaris Ranger! To help riders turn, we sell Polaris General palm grips, pin-style grips, and other accessories that attach to the vehicle's steering wheel. And for those who are unable to apply pressure to the gas and brake pedals, we have full-blown Polaris General hand control systems for that exact situation! Don't let anything stop you from experiencing the joys of the off-road with the Polaris General hand control accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris General Hand Controls?

Types of Polaris General Hand Controls

Understanding the different types of hand controls and how they align with your driving style is one way of making sure you always have the best possible setup for your needs.

For instance, palm grips are great for long rides, offering sustained comfort, especially if you have hand or wrist issues. 

They are great for helping reduce fatigue and maintain a comfortable grip throughout your journey.

For more rugged and unforgiving terrain, tri-pin grips provide a steadfast hold, ensuring control in wet or muddy conditions.

Single-pin grips, with their minimalistic design, are suitable for quick maneuvers and easy handling, perfect for those who use their Polaris General in tight spaces.

If you're looking for extra leverage or have difficulties with standard steering mechanisms, ergonomic V grips can be an excellent choice, providing additional support and ease of use.

Material Quality and Durability

Polaris General hand controls are typically made from a blend of durable plastics, soft rubbers, and tough metals like aluminum. 

If you frequently ride in wet or humid environments, opt for materials with anti-corrosion properties and protective coatings. 

The mounting mechanisms and fasteners should be robust and enduring to withstand regular use and environmental stressors.

As time passes, some might become a bit loose. If they do, you should always tighten them in order to make sure they are able to last a long time.

Ease of Installation and User Convenience

Hand controls for the Polaris General should be straightforward to install which means that you shouldn’t need to drill or dismantle anything. 

Look for products that come with clear instructions or support materials like tutorial videos. It's beneficial if the controls offer adjustable settings or modular designs to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles, enhancing the driving experience.

It’s best to always go for hand control solutions which can always be removed and can easily return your steering wheel to stock form.

Additional Features and Customizability

Modern hand controls may offer all sorts of extra features like tactile feedback, heat resistance, or vibration reduction. 

Features such as these can significantly enhance comfort, particularly on extended trips or challenging routes where hand strain is common.

Adjustability is also a very important factor. Controls that allow you to alter their angle, height, or position can greatly improve comfort and reduce physical strain. 

This customization is particularly beneficial in the Polaris General, as it can make your off-road experiences more enjoyable and tailored to your preferences at all times.