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GPS & Navigation

Explore the world with complete confidence knowing that you will always find your way home thanks to our exceptional range of Polaris General GPS & Navigation accesories! Enjoy high-end user interfaces on bright OLED and LED displays, designed for optimal visibility and ease of use. These navigators, equipped with rugged terrain mapping capabilities and offline maps, ensure you're prepared for every twist and turn on your journey. Elevate your Polaris General adventures with advanced navigation tools, including durable mounting brackets for secure installation. Experience seamless exploration with devices offering strong coverage and detailed trail mapping. Our selection includes wireless functionality for ease of connectivity, along with backup cameras to enhance your safety and situational awareness. With long battery life and robust designs, you're set for enduring explorations, irrelevant to your environment, the time of year, or the weather. Order yours today and always find your way home!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris General GPS & Navigation Systems?

Portable (Hand-Held) vs. Non-Portable (Dashboard-Mounted) GPS Options

The choice between a portable or a fixed GPS unit hinges on your lifestyle and usage and whether you prefer having a GPS system you always want to have with you.

Portable units are easier, often rugged and waterproof, and come with extended battery life, making them ideal for varied activities like trekking or using across different vehicles.

Conversely, fixed systems, integrated within the Polaris General’s dashboard, typically feature larger screens with clearer displays, essential for off-road navigation. 

These units draw power directly from the vehicle, offering continuous operation without worrying about battery life, charging, or replacing batteries.

If you're someone who enjoys multi-terrain adventures or uses multiple vehicles, a handheld GPS would be more suitable as you can use a single device across all of your vehicles.

However, for a dedicated, always-ready navigation solution in your Polaris General, a fixed system would be more appropriate and likely more advanced.

Navigation Accuracy and Precision

When going into the unknown, having a reliable GPS device is essential as this gives you the confidence that you’ll always know which way to go.

As such, a GPS with excellent triangulation and accuracy is indispensable for the Polaris General, particularly in remote areas with limited cellular signals. 

Investing a bit more in a high-quality GPS system ensures safe and confident navigation in all environments. 

If you don’t do that and your system fails you in remote areas, it’s as if you don’t have a GPS system at all, and that’s a complete waste of money.

Weatherproofing and Durability

It’s important to choose a GPS system that can withstand tough conditions such as water splashing, dust, dirt, snow, etc.

Look for high IP-rated devices, signifying strong resistance against water and dust. Consider models with durable casings and protective covers to endure the rigors of off-roading and exposure to various elements.

If you are the type of person who really likes off-roading, then weatherproofed devices are a must. Also consider cases, strong brackets, and mounts!

High-Res Displays and Software

Clear, bright displays are crucial for easy navigation, particularly in challenging lighting and weather conditions. 

OLED/LED displays represent the very top-end of display technology, but these aren’t usually available for GPS systems.

If you are able, do pay attention to the brightness count as the higher it is, the more visible the screen will be in adverse conditions.

Choose a GPS system with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that you can quickly and easily interpret data without distraction. 

This is particularly important in rough terrains where attention to the trail is vital for the safety of yourself and your Polaris General.

Smart Features and System Integration

Modern GPS units offer more than just navigation as the 21st century is all about all types of technology wrapped into one.

Features like Bluetooth connectivity, OLED touchscreens, voice commands, and offline map access can significantly enhance your off-road experience. 

Consider how these features integrate with your Polaris General’s adventures and how you use your UTV in general.

Some GPS systems might also offer integration with your vehicle's systems, such as backup cameras, creating a cohesive and advanced navigation experience.