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Fuel Packs and Mounts

Don’t let the Polaris General gas tank size determine the length and duration of potential rides by equipping your machine with a Polaris General fuel pack, an off-road Polaris General gas can, or a Polaris General jerry can from Everything Polaris Ranger! And while you’re at it, you can also find products like Polaris General gas can mounts, Polaris General gas can holders, and Polaris General fuel pack mounts to secure anything from four-gallon Rotopax gasoline packs to that old two-gallon jerry can you’ve had lying around the garage for decades!

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When you’re getting stuff done during a hard and rigorous work week or putting down miles on an extended excursion, a Polaris General Fuel pack or gas tank will give you that extra boost to get you through the finish line. Having an external gas tank or fuel-related aftermarket accessory on your machine will not only give you peace of mind when venturing far from the trailhead, but it will also expand your area of exploration and enable you to ride your UTV further, deeper, and longer. While the two-gallon Polaris Ranger & General fuel can by Moose is a great way to store fuel for emergency purposes -- conveniently mounted on the exterior of the bed so as to not take up space -- those embarking on lengthy side by side journeys would likely want something bigger with more storage capacity. For such riders, the Polaris Ranger 4 Gallon RX-4G Gasoline tank by Rotopax is more appropriate. Constructed using a three-layer roto-molding process, this Polaris Ranger fuel pack is thick, strong, and secure, with easy mountability due to its unique geometric design.

Other popular petrol-related accessories include the Kolpin Gas Can and Koplin Fuel Pack. And because their Polaris Ranger fuel pack mounts are universal, Koplin gas cans are interchangeable with other non-UTV brands and can be swapped in and out of use as needed. Whether you are looking to haul fuel to power your generator while “glamping” or need a way to keep your chainsaw running while clearing timber, Polaris Ranger fuel packs and mounts are a great way to tote the gasoline you need without having to sacrifice cargo space or run the risk of spilling fuel.

Buying an extended fuel pack is one of the first things you should consider if you ever find yourself browsing Polaris General Accessories or Polaris General Aftermarket Accessories. The importance of keeping an extra fuel pack could never be stressed upon enough. However, if you happen to be in possession of a Polaris General then it really helps to have one or two on board. Additional fuel can help you push the limits of your trip and also come quite handy in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. As being prepared for emergencies can really stand to make or break your trip.

There are plenty of options to choose from when considering Polaris General Fuel Packs and Mounts. One such option to consider is the Kolpin fuel pack, which is one of the more popular side by side fuel packs on the market. The Kolpin fuel pack comes in a striking red color to complement your Polaris General and does a more than satisfactory job of storing your fuel. You can even get one extra fuel pack just for water as well. The mounts come equipped with plungers which are extremely easy to assemble and attach to your vehicle. The Rotopax Gas Can containers are offered in a variety of sizes depending on your need. They are available in 1, 1.75, 2, 3 and 4-gallon packs. These packs also take advantage of the universal mount compatibility meaning you can slide the fuel pack in place, irrespective of it being a Kolpin fuel pack, Kolpin gas can or Rotopax gas can. A wide range of Side by Side Accessories ensures you can find a mount to your liking and all of them will deliver up to the standard. These mounts are made of steel with infused nylon plastic turn knobs for extended durability and strength making them fit for outdoor use. You can choose from the many UTV Accessories such as vertical mounts and or horizontal mounts for your fuel cans or gas cans. Installing mounts also gives you more cargo space by having your fuel packs and gas cans stashed securely and on the outside of your vehicle.

Now that you may feel that the options are too many when it comes to fuel packs and mounts, you may be left wondering what to do next. Worry not, as with the new Polaris Ranger models, the General 4 1000 and General 1000, you need a fuel pack that will maximize on the available space, is easy to mount, affordable to acquire and it's capacity large enough for longer trips and unforeseen circumstances. The wide variety we have comes from brands that have been tested over time and seen to offer fuel packs of unmatched quality, easy to mount and innovative. In fact, just to blend perfectly with the General 1000 or General 4 1000, we have fuel packs that offer function and style. They are designed to fit in perfectly such that you display class and uninterrupted off-road performance, yet in an affordable way.