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Floor and Bed Mats

If you want to match the unique versatility of your General with equally versatile floor mats, you are in luck as our Polaris General Floor Mats shop category gives you exactly what you want! Our assortment includes a range of durable, high-quality floor mats, clips, and carpets. Select from tough rubber mats that withstand the diverse conditions the General excels in, sleek aluminum mats for a touch of refinement, or sturdy hard-touch floorboards for unparalleled durability. Designed for the Polaris General's all-terrain capabilities, whether it's navigating rocky trails or sandy paths, these floor protectors are built to endure, ensuring the interior of your versatile General stays in top condition. Enjoy our selection to discover the perfect blend of style, practicality, and rugged protection that resonates with the spirit of the Polaris General. Upgrade your ride with our floor mats today and experience the difference!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris General Floor Mats?

Polaris General Floor Mat Types and Materials

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are, and have always been, ideal because they protect your floor as well as floorboards do, but are a bit more comfortable and versatile.

They're particularly beneficial for muddy, snowy, or sandy conditions, as they can be quickly cleaned and dried.

Aluminum Mats

These provide robust protection for your General's floor, adding a layer of resilience and a sleek, rugged look. 

Aluminum mats are more permanent and can be chilly during colder months, but they offer excellent protection against rough conditions.

It is more of a niche pick, but those who love industrial style and feel, are likely going to enjoy these.


While not the go-to choice for extreme off-roading, plush liners add comfort and a touch of luxury to your Polaris General, making them perfect for more casual or leisurely rides.

So, if you are not often encountering mud, snow, rain, water, or dust, these are likely to be the most comfortable.

Raised Edges and Design Efficiency

A design with raised edges is particularly useful in floor mats for the Polaris General since this is a UTV that isn’t afraid of snow, water, and mud.

These edges help contain spills and dirt, preventing them from damaging the vehicle's interior. 

Combining rubber mats with aluminum underlays can provide comprehensive protection against various elements, making for easy maintenance and effective damage prevention.

Smart Features

You should also look for floor mats with additional features like enhanced traction, thermal insulation, water-repellent coatings, and easy-to-use attachment systems. 

These elements not only increase the functionality of the mats but also add a level of sophistication to your Polaris General.

Choosing Between Floor Mats and Underlays (Floorboards)

The choice between traditional floor mats and underlays depends on your needs and the type of adventures you take with your Polaris General.

Removable floor mats offer flexibility for different riding conditions and are easier to clean and maintain. You simply take them out in a matter of seconds and put them back in equally as quickly.

Underlays provide a more permanent solution with enhanced stability and grip, ideal for intense off-roading.

Some are also keen on using both, but that is going to cost you quite a bit more money.