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Fire/Medical Rescue

Wildlife officials, firefighters, and EMT paramedics alike use the Polaris General to fight fires, provide medical assistance, and conduct rescue missions on difficult off-road terrain. Regardless of whether your suppressing wildfires with your Polaris General or partaking in search and rescue operations, cargo racks are generally required to carry all the gear you'll need for the job. While overhead safari racks and hitch-mounted storage racks can work, many firefighters and rescue personnel prefer to use equipment racks designed for their particular niche. For the former, racks and in-bed water tanks that are tailored for firefighting makes the task at hand much easier to handle. The Firelite water tank, pump, and rescue area by Kimtek, for example, comes with everything a professional firefighter needs to overcome a grass fire, brush fire, or barn fire. It has a strong water pump, an extended hose, and a rotatable reel setup to eject water or flame-retardant foam at high speeds over long distances. The Firelite skid unit also includes a built-in rescue area designed to fit standard-size stretchers for evacuating injured victims. And with their Medlite UTV medical accessory skit units for the Polaris General, Kimtek also provides similar benefits specifically for in-field medical assistance. Whether you're a part-time participant in your local volunteer search and rescue crew, or a professional wildlife official, firefighter, or WEMT, we've got the top fire and medical rescue accessories for the Polaris General to help you save the day!

On the search and rescue side of things, lights are important. Spot lights and flood lights can provide illumination during the night and dim hours of the day, while safety lights and beacons are useful to avoid accidents when you're en route. From pull-behind stretchers and med sleds to wildland firefighting gear, Everything Polaris Ranger has the skid units, water tanks, and emergency response accessories to turn any Polaris General into an off-road ambulance or firetruck. 

19 products

19 products