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The Everything Advantage

Fender Flares and Protection

If you’re in the market to replace a Polaris General flare after a fender bender or simply trying to keep mudslinging to a minimum after an a-arm, tire, or suspension modification, Everything Polaris Ranger has the Polaris Ranger Fender Flare or fender-related aftermarket accessory to meet your needs. While many side by side owners find the 4” factory flares to be satisfactory, others want faster clean-up times when washing their machines and better protection from splatter caused by aftermarket augmentation. For Polaris Generals with burlier tires, wider stances, and/or lift kits, Polaris Ranger Fender Extensions are a great way to abate the mud and water splashing up from below -- keeping you and your machine clean and dry.

Polaris Ranger mud guards like the ones by Mudbusters and Bad Dawg are also commonly used to thwart mud, and Polaris Ranger fender protectors are popular as well. The UTV parts manufacturer Quadboss makes tough Polaris Ranger front fender flares and rear fender flares, and many people like the way Koplin fenders wrap around the back of the Polaris General. Take care, however, if you are leaning toward a cheap side by side fender flare from an unproven supplier, as many fenders have clips at the bottom that don’t stay attached, resulting in a great deal of movement and rattling that can eventually chip, crack, and destroy the flare. But worry not, because a quality side by side flare is only a few clicks away. Come mud or dust, water or snow, a durable Polaris General fender flare from Everything Polaris Ranger will give you the protection you desire, at a price you can afford.

Shop 2019 General Models: 2019 General 1000 Fender Flares and Protection | 2019 General 4 1000 Fender Flares and Protection

3 products

3 products

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