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So you've got a hitch setup on your Polaris General, now all you need is the right pull-behind UTV trailer. Be it a baby box trailer or something to haul wood, hay, or hunting blinds, as long as you stay out of high, accelerate slowly, and don't reverse uphill when towing, your Polaris General can pull some serious weight without any belt or clutch issues. When towing with a Polaris General, it is also important to not exceed the recommended tongue weight. As long as the weight of the trailer is supported by the trailer itself, you can pull till the cows come home. We've even seen a guy tow and launch his 24-foot Tri-Toon using a Polaris General with no issues whatsoever. There's no doubt that this machine can tow, which is why Everything Polaris Ranger is here with all the best trailers, wagons, and carts for the Polaris General. From 14' dump trailers to 16' landscaping trailers, whatever you need to carry, we've got a side-by-side trailer to handle the load. The Polaris General 1000, the General 1000 Premium, and all other editions of the Polaris General have more than enough power to haul things up hill and over rough terrain, and their engine braking system is perfectly suited for pulling trailers downhill as well. With the right trailer on your Polaris General, you'll be unstoppable.

Tow-behind trailers for the Polaris General are great for hunting trips and multi-day UTV adventures. But trailers are also used by contractors, farmers, and ranchers who need the added capacity for hauling various tools, supplies, equipment, and hardware. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we've got pull-behind UTV trailers in many different sizes and styles. We have off-road trailers with suspension systems, both single-axle and double-axle trailers, and even trailers with skis to glide over snow and ice. Be it a landscaping trailer to haul grass clippings, bags of leaves, and excised branches, an on-road trailer for transporting equipment and tools, or a recreational trailer for camping and other outdoor adventures, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to go for any and all Polaris General trailers.