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Are you looking for a sand spreader for the back of your Polaris General? Do you want a better way to disperse seeds on your farm, garden, or food plot? Whatever material you need spreading and regardless of your mounting preferences, we've got the UTV spreaders and planters for the job. We've got small hitch-mounted spreaders that slide into your General's 2" or 4" receiver hitch, as well as larger pull-behind spreaders to create some distance between your machine and the spreader implement when working with corrosive materials. This is particularly important for spreading applications that involve salt or salt-based de-icers, which will wreak havoc on your machine if you're not careful. We've even seen UTVs get damaged from simply hauling salt bags year after year. That being said, for better traction on icy roads, sand is a good option to throw down onto roads, and we've got great sand / gravel spreaders for the Polaris General. Throw them in the bed of your rig, attach them to your hitch receiver, or get a pull-behind spreading implement. Whatever you're after can be found right here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

For UTV planters, we've got implements for the Polaris General that spread seeds, drill seeds, and lay seeds. If you want a seed spreader with a wireless remote to populate your food plot, we've got one. If you want a ground-driven planter to make nice and straight rows for your farming operation, we've got those as well. Regarding the latter, our planter implements are designed for speed and consistency. Everything from seed placement depth to the distance between seeds can be adjusted and fixed for a standardized plot. Whether you're planting barley, soybeans, canola, or sunflowers, the Polaris General planters from Everything Polaris Ranger won't let you down. So what are you waiting for? The perfect seeder or planter for your Polaris General is only a few clicks away!