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The selection of snow plows at Everything Polaris Ranger is great. But when it comes to dirt work in the garden, mid-scale agricultural projects, or putting in food plots, nothing beats our selection of Polaris General plow implements and cultivators. We have tow-behind plows and cultivators in various styles and sizes, so no matter what you're growing and regardless of the growing conditions in your area, our plows and cultivator solutions will work flawlessly. Many riders like to use UTV tine cultivators. Unlike harrows, fixed and spring-loaded tine cultivators plow into the ground at specific distances, in a pattern that disrupt weeds without affecting rows of crops. Spring tine field cultivators are popular, which are designed to use vibrations to not only pulverize and crumble the soil, but also self-clean. And for secondary cultivation, S tine cultivators are a great way to aerate the soil, cull weeds, and perform several other soil prep activities. In addition to the shape and style of the tines themselves, the layout of tines and shovels on a UTV cultivator is another factor that Polaris General owners can choose between. Single-row cultivators, for example, allow users to skim the top of the soil and make neat, parallel rows. And while multi-row cultivators for the Polaris General work in a similar fashion, they are typically heavier and break up the soil more into finer particles.

Some riders might advise against using a Polaris General for plowing and cultivating, arguing that tractors are better vehicles for the job. However, the Polaris General 1000 is more than capable of pulling any UTV farming implement. And with regards to ware and tear, we've seen Generals pull discs, drags, and plows every spring, then plow several miles of snow in each direction for over six years without ever having to put a wrench to their machine. Sure, if you own a Polaris Ranger 150 or a low-powered Polaris Sportsman, pulling heavy implements might create unnecessary wear. But for a 1000cc Polaris General, as long as you stay in low, you shouldn't have any issues whatsoever. So plant that food plot you've always wanted, get your garden project up and running, and make sure every inch of usable land on your farm is cultivated with a Polaris General plow and cultivator from Everything Polaris Ranger.