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Food Plot Kits

Put your Polaris General to work and prepare for rifle or archery season with a food plot kit from Everything Polaris Ranger. You've got your tree stand hung, your compound bow strung, and your 30-30 cleaned up and ready to rock, now all you need is a good food plot to attract the ungulates of your choosing. It doesn't matter if your food plot is somewhat wooded, replete with stumps, or located in a hard-to-reach location deep in the boonies, we've got a food plot kit for you and your Polaris General. We've got kits with grain drills to plant multiple acres of warm-season food plot plantings such as soybeans, cowpeas, and sorghum, and kits with spreaders for cool-season forages like oat, rye, and other cereal crops. And where soil preparation is concerned, our food plot kits for the Polaris General have everything you need to ensure proper growth. Disc plows, for example, are a great way to till, aerate, and lay the groundwork for a food plot before conducting any planting activities. Sure you can't make as tight of turns with your Polaris General as you could with a tractor, but that's not reason enough to abstain from using your Polaris General for food plot creation purposes. But when discing with your General, make sure to not make the depth settings too deep, lest you bend the top side of your receiver hitch.

Whether you're wanting to make a food plot behind your house, or you already have a food plot that just needs pruning, manicuring, and maintaining every now and then, with a food plot kit from Everything Polaris Ranger, you can do it all. It doesn't matter if you have the 4-seater Polaris General, the General 1000 Deluxe, or any other edition, year, or model of the Polaris General, your machine is more than capable of pulling implements to bring food plots to fruition. Be it a Tufline or Dirtworks disc plow, a tow-behind seed spreader from ABI Attachments, or a complete food plot kit for your Polaris General with everything you need for a prosperous food plot, you can get whatever you need at Everything Polaris Ranger!