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So you've got your plot busted up, the fertilizer is down, and the seeds have been dispersed, now all you need is a little rain and a drag implement for your Polaris General. There are many types of UTV drags that serve a number of purposes. UTV-drawn spike-tooth harrows, for example, are primarily used during the early steps of the crop cultivation process to cut up and pulverize the soil. Similarly, drag harrows for the Polaris General will also granularize the substrate, while both leveling and smoothing the ground as well in the process. Their ability to move earth makes drag implements great for other non-farming tasks. Grading, for example, can be done with UTV drags. Be it a gravel driveway that needs freshened up or a large garden plot that needs to be leveled, things like box blades, UTV earth drags, and road graders / scrapers can be pulled behind the Polaris General to build and maintain any surface. The Gravel Rascal by ABI Attachments or the GradeBoss by B&W are both quality implements for grading dirt, gravel, and soil, but even if you need a drag for other types of terrain, Everything Polaris Ranger has your back.

Need to smooth out a beach, fluff up the sand, or leave any stretch of coastline with a finer finish? We've got the Polaris General sand harrow that is up for the task. Debating between a grass harrow drag or a chain harrow drag? Well we've got both. Regardless of whether you need a drag implement to get rid of moss and dead grass on your property, to level out molehills and crush manure in your horse paddock, or to bury grass seeds that have been previously broadcasted with a spreader implement, we're sure to have the right Polaris General drag for you at Everything Polaris Ranger. Aid drainage and minimize muddy patches on your lawn or pastureland, smooth up and level earth on roads, beaches, and construction sites, and give your crop seeds a proper burial with a UTV drag on your Polaris General, Polaris General 1000 Deluxe, or any other edition of the Polaris General side-by-side.