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If you've ever wondered whether or not the Polaris General could pull a disc, the answer is yes. And for the best discs, disc plows, and disc harrows to use with the Polaris General, experienced riders known that Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to shop. Any disc designed to work behind an ATV will work with a Polaris General, but they might be a little on the small side. Larger discs for tractors and industrial applications, on the other hand, are likely too big, and could lead to faster wear or outright damage to your UTV. Just like Goldilocks, the Polaris General discs at Everything Polaris Ranger are neither too big, nor too small, and are the perfect solution for any garden, food plot, or farm. Many of the UTV disking implements made for the Polaris Ranger will also work on the Polaris General. Kolpin's Dirtworks division, for instance, makes a great side-by-side disc that can be pulled behind most UTVs, including the Polaris General. Be it a compact disc implement like the Groundhog Max, a larger disking attachment with an offset disc pattern, or any number of side-by-side discs with either smooth or notched discs, Everything Polaris Ranger is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Polaris General discs.

Gank it and yank it with the best Polaris General discs on the market. Got hard soil, soft soil, or something in between? No matter what the soil is like in your area, we've got a disc for you. And whatever you choose, if you buy from Everything Polaris Ranger, you're guaranteed to get a quality disc that will last for countless seasons to come. Even the best UTV discs, however, won't withstand user error for long. So regardless of the particular disc you get for your Polaris General, make sure to never go above six or seven miles per hour -- any faster and you'll likely burn up the disc's bearings. For large-scale farming operations, disking with an expensive tractor is the most efficient way to prepare the soil. For everything else, however, disking with a Polaris General is a great route to choose.