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These aren't your everyday lawn rollers; with a cultipacker attached to your Polaris General, you can ensure that the seeds you sow will transform into healthy, full-grown crops. In areas where heavy rain disrupts the seeding process, a UTV cultipacker will help protect the seeds by creating dimpled ridges to let rainwater soak in instead of drain away. But even in dry areas, cultipackers for the Polaris General will help in the germination process by maximizing the contact area between seeds and soil. While field and land rollers are good for packing down stones and getting air pockets out of the ground, cultipackers with ribbed rollers make it so that seeds are aligned in rows as if they were drilled. A good UTV cultipacker should be heavy enough to compress the soil, but not too heavy as the ground becomes overly compacted. For a Polaris General cultipacker that is perfect for any task, Everything Polaris Ranger is the place to go.

Comparing the effects of a roller implement to the effects of a cultipacker is like comparing a glass tabletop to a dish towel. Put them on an incline and pour some water across each. It's not hard to imagine what will happen in either case. Because a UTV cultipacker creates divots in the soil, it will inhibit the movement of water and restrict the erosion that would have otherwise taken place. Because water runoff is minimized and soakage is maximized, the seeds and their subsequent root systems can better take hold under terrain that has been hit with a cultipacker. That being said, if your field is flat and the soil is sandy, the benefits brought about through the use of a cultipacker might be minimal. But if you want your hill-side garden to flourish, your food plot to thrive in clay-rich soil, and your crops to extend high towards the sky, using a Polaris General cultipacker is the definitely way to go. And for top-tier UTV cultipackers at fire sale prices, nowhere can match Everything Polaris Ranger.