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3-Point Hitches

Tow hooks are good for pulling, and universal 2" receiver hitches are quite capable as well. But if you want a hitch designed to get things done, nothing can match a Polaris General 3-point hitch. Especially when it comes to farming activities, many implements such as discs, plows, mowers, and trailers require a 3-point hitch to attach to the rear of the General. Whether you're a contractor who uses a Polaris General XP 1000 on the job site, or a farmer who uses a Polaris General 1000 Sport for a mix of work and play, if you're on the hunt for a quality 3-point UTV hitch, Everything Polaris Ranger is here for you. We have electric 3-point lift hitches with integrated tool bars and adjustable lift arms, as well as hitches that can support both category 0 and category 1 implements. Where strength, durability, and reliability are concerned, the 3-point hitches at Everything Polaris Ranger can't be beat. And with optional suspension lockers as well as frame support kits, you can get down to business with the heaviest UTV implements without having to worry about bending, breaking, or otherwise damaging your receiver or frame.

Many riders have given us positive feedback about the HD 3-point hitch system from Kolpin Outdoors. And while this is one of the bigger names in the industry, they aren't the only game in town. Companies like T-Point Lift and UTV Hitchworks also make quality 3-point hitches for the Polaris General lineup of side-by-sides. Be it a limited 3-point hitch setup or a 3-point hitch with hydraulic hoisting capabilities, if you need greater support or a fixed hitching solution, Everything Polaris Ranger has the 3-point UTV hitch for you and your Polaris General. When you're working long days, every bit of efficiency helps. And with a 3-point hitch on your General, you'll be ready to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way!