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Engine Performance

Eliminate Polaris General engine braking, lower your Polaris General engine temp, and find any Polaris General engine upgrade you’re after by searching through the catalog of Polaris General engine performance parts at Everything Polaris Ranger! You can achieve decent performance gains with a clutch kit and tune, but if you want to truly uncage the beast for crazy amounts of HP and torque, nothing will compare to the Polaris General engine performance parts, engine performance kits, and engine performance accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we believe that it’s always possible to take a good thing and make it even better. This is the attitude we take when it comes to the Polaris General’s engine performance. Even in its stock form, the Polaris General’s engine is a force to be reckoned with. The Polaris General’s engine gives you the force, power, and reliability you need for both work and play, for both hauling heavy cargo loads and racings down challenging off-road trails. If you’re the type of person who’s satisfied with standard, then there’s no need to give your Polaris General any engine performance upgrades. But let’s face it, that’s not you. You’re here because you believe that your Polaris General’s engine is capable of even more. We’ve got all the products, parts, and accessories you need to unlock the true potential of your Polaris General’s engine performance.

If you want to get even more done at the jobsite with your Polaris General, you’ll need to give it an upgrade in engine performance. Similarly, if you want to have even more fun when you’re exploring the off-road with your Polaris General, you’ll also need to give it an upgrade in engine performance. So what does it mean to give your Polaris General an upgrade in engine performance? Well, it can come in many different forms. One way is by using a tuner to optimize your Polaris General’s fuel intake and air intake. Your Polaris General’s fuel and air intake are two major factors in your engine performance, so by getting the tools to control them you can fine tune your Polaris General’s engine to get it to do whatever you want. And if you’ve got aftermarket accessories like an exhaust or turbo, then controlling your Polaris General’s air intake and fuel injection becomes even more important.

One of the best tools for controlling your Polaris General’s engine performance is the Polaris Ranger TTO by Trail Tech. This Trail Tech meter can be either surface or panel mounted and features an LCD display so you can view all your gauge readings conveniently irrespective of angle and lighting conditions. This gauge gives you the information you need if you’re trying to do some serious work and experimenting with your Polaris General. You can even order this Polaris General gauge in red, black, or orange.

Whether you're looking for Polaris General engine performance mods or simply wanting to refurbish your used and abused Polaris General engine, we've got the right stuff for you here at Everything Polaris Ranger! Do you want a little extra torque so you can pull your pontoon boat without struggling? Or how about some added horsepower for a little extra oomph on the top? Be it engine programmer accessories or performance Polaris General engine parts, Everything Polaris Ranger has the perfect UTV engine products, kits, and modifications for you and your machine. We offer replacement cylinder cranks, engine oil pumps, and other replacement engine parts for added performance. And on top of that, we also sell various engine cleaners and chemicals to remove unwanted gunk and grime from your Polaris General engine. Whatever your end goal may be, you're sure to find a way to make it happen here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

While Polaris General performance mods like the MBRP exhaust, Dynojet tune, and recoil clutch kit will make a big difference in terms of torque and throttle response, you can only do so much without conducting engine performance upgrades. Big bore kits are an option for those looking for more engine power, and motor work like larger exhaust valves or a light port job with a good set of aftermarket cams will make a huge difference as well. No matter if you own the two-door General, the four-door General, or a Polaris General with a turbo, you'll find every performance engine product you seek at Everything Polaris Ranger. Plus, because we work with the best companies, provide unbeatable discounts, and ship on a moment's notice directly to your doorstep, Everything Polaris Ranger cannot be bested in terms of customer service! So upgrade your Polaris General's motor today with the Polaris General performance engine mods from Everything Polaris Ranger!