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ECU Tuners

Does your Polaris General sputter or become doggy at mid-range RPMs? Does it lose power while going uphill or run hot under heavy loads? If so, you could benefit greatly from a Polaris General ECU Tuner. Even if you aren’t experiencing the aforementioned issues with your UTV, a properly tuned stock or aftermarket ECU will allow your General to produce additional torque, more horsepower, and higher top speeds, all while maintaining lower engine temperatures and preventing those pesky misfire codes that are frustratingly common on the stock General ECU program. An aftermarket programmer or ECU tuner makes a night-and-day difference in the performance of your UTV, and many side by side riders exclaim that it’s the best thing that they’ve done to their machine.


With a side-by-side ECU tuner, you can hone and finetune many aspects of your Polaris General, from the clutch and throttle opening to the exhaust system and air/fuel ratios. You can even use a tuned ECU to delete the stock Turf Mode on your General, which can eliminate blown transmission risks that arise from the locking differentials. And while many UTV riders choose to send in their ECUs to be tuned by trained technicians, many innovations in the tuning space have resulted in hand-held programmers and so called home flash systems that can be implemented with an everyday PC laptop. So if you’re looking for an ECU programmer or ECU-related aftermarket accessory to retroactively fix your underperforming Polaris General or you simply want to unleash your UTV to its full potential, Everything Polaris Ranger has the ECU tuners to meet your needs!

Shopping for the right UTV accessories is one of the greatest decisions you have made. You are in the right place as we are a group of avid side by side guys who are serious about our and your fun. We esteem supercool and superfast, unmatched performance of the modern Polaris Ranger models and specifically the powerful 2020 General 1000 and the sturdy 2020 General 4 1000. Designed for any terrain and even unpredictable weather conditions, these Polaris Ranger models can perform poorly if you fail to get the right ECU tuners aftermarket accessories. The quality ECU components ensure that you have sustained higher speed and increased torque, thanks to the quality construction, innovation, and ultra-efficiency You do not have to purchase new ECU accessories if your new 2020 General 1000 or 2020 General 4 1000 is experiencing difficulties carrying heavy loads or climbing a hill. Rather, you should acquire one so as to maintain the extreme and super performance of your side by side. Talk to us to upgrade your ECU tuners or to get a new set. You will be glad you made that choice. Talk to us today.

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