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Stop on a dime and keep your rig stationary while not in use with the Polaris General parking brakes, Polaris General brake pad replacements, and Polaris General brake upgrades from Everything Polaris Ranger! Regardless of whether you’re wanting to do a Polaris General engine brake delete, or install new Polaris General brake calipers, Polaris General brake lines, and a Polaris General brake lock, we’ve got the aftermarket brake accessories, brake parts, and brake components to either fix, repair, or augment anything from the Polaris General brake pedal to the Polaris General brake switch!

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For purposes of safety, it’s crucial that your Polaris General’s brakes are maintained and taken care of. This means replacing things like your Polaris General’s brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluid. If you’re overdue for brake maintenance on your Polaris General, you’ve come to the right place. Everything Polaris Ranger is your one stop shop for any and all brake parts, brake accessories, and brake replacements for the Polaris General. Just like with your car or truck, your Polaris General’s brake pads need to be regularly replaced. Regularly replacing your Polaris General’s brake pads is the best way to ensure you always have the stopping power you need to race down tight, winding off-road trails. Check out our selection of Polaris General brake pad replacements, brake rotor kits, and brake fluid today!

Many Polaris General owners are frustrated to learn that the Polaris General doesn’t come stock with a parking brake. This is why so many riders like to equip their Polaris General with a parking brake. Take for instance the Polaris General 1000 Lockable Parking Brake by Spring Brake Thingy. This lockable parking brake also functions as a theft deterrent. By upgrading your Polaris General with a parking brake, you can safely park on inclines and declines, which are very common when you’re out in the off-road. This parking brake comes with everything you need for an easy and simple installation.

Do you have a broken or missing front/rear brake pad in your Polaris General? Experiencing rattling or clicking in your UTV’s brake system? Or do you want the peace of mind that comes with a side-by-side parking brake for trailering and stopping on inclines? Whatever the case may be, here at Everything Polaris Ranger we’ve got the best Polaris General brakes, UTV brake replacements, side by side brake upgrades, and other brake-related aftermarket accessories to help you decelerate your side-by-side in a safe and smooth manner. With UTV brakes and brake components engineered by leading firms in the aftermarket powersports industry, the strength, durability, and overall stopping response of the UTV brake systems and brake parts at Everything Polaris Ranger are second to none. Be it a set of side by side brake pads or a brake rotor, caliper, or hub, when it comes to UTV brakes, we don’t mess around.

There are few things worse than having to perform a bush fix on your Polaris General on the trail. But if the problem stems from your machine’s braking system, the problems can compound quickly. And don’t even get us started on UTV e-brakes for the Polaris General. While aftermarket side-by-side e-brakes like the PawlProtector are popular among riders, a version has yet to come out for the Polaris General. Yet despite the automatic transmission, many Polaris General owners want a parking brake for trailering and parking on hills. Thankfully, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we have access to cutting-edge powersports innovations, and it is our duty to pass these on to our customers. So regardless of what you’re looking for in the side by side brake department, we’ve got that raw stopping power you seek for your Polaris General.

Can you imagine needing to change the brake system of your side by side at a time when you have no resources and in the midst of a gardening activity with your new General 4 1000 or General 1000? You may be startled and unsure of the best course of action. Worse still, is when your brakes have some rattling noise and you are not sure what could be the problem. And while you may have a powerful General 1000 model, you may not get the best because of the fear of the unknown. You will, most probably, shy off from racing with your companions over the weekend for the fear of causing an accident or even taking crazy uncontrollable tangents. You can race and ride or do your gardening duties even on steep areas with confidence with your General 4 1000 model when you have the right and quality braking aftermarket accessories. Talk to us if you want a diagnosis of your braking problems, an upgrade of the parking brakes or an overhaul in your braking system.