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Sound Bars

Although sound quality and volume are important, there's more to a Polaris General sound bar than audio alone. Fitment, for example, is an important factor with regards to rear-view mirrors and windshield wiper motors. Many sound bars for the Polaris General are designed with this in mind, and come with notched cut-outs to accommodate things like mirrors and wiper motors. MTX makes great aftermarket Polaris General sound bars with built-in cut-outs, and the factory Polaris General sound bar can also be notched out. Many riders with factory Polaris General sound bars and Ride Command, however, have found the volume levels to be lacking. If you're experiencing the same issue, make sure that the fader is all the way forward. Additionally, you can also switch the tuner setting to Europe and then back to North America to make your factory sound bar louder. Polaris is currently working on a better fix for this, but an update has yet to be released. Compared to other sound bars, though, even a fully functional stock Polaris General sound bar doesn't stand up in terms of sound quality.

We mentioned the MTX Polaris General sound bar, which comes with an A.M. / F.M. receiver, bluetooth capabilities, as well as an AUX port, but there are other great sound bars out there for the two-door and four-door Polaris General. The Wet Sounds 10 sound bar would make a nice addition to the center roll bar of any G4, while SSV works, NavAtlas, and Hifonics also make top-tier UTV sound bars that produce high-quality audio. Most Polaris General sound bars that are worth a darn come with built-in amplifiers, and some even have pre-outs that let you add things like subwoofers. In terms of wiring up a sound bar, there are several routes you can take. If you're confident in your electrical abilities, you can attach your sound bar to a rocker switch or in-dash buttons. Otherwise, it's relatively simple to connect a Polaris General sound bar straight to the accessory bar.