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Mounts / Wiring / Adapters

In addition to stereo pods, there are various other ways to mount, attach, and connect the various elements of a Polaris General audio system. Roof boxes and mount kits can be used to fix speakers, amps, and audio controls overhead in the Polaris General, while cage mounts can be used to attach stereo equipment to the frame of the vehicle. The Pro-Fit and Profile cage clamps by MTX Audio, for example, are the perfect way to mount speakers or sound bars to the Polaris General roll cage. Use it with MTX's bluetooth sound bar or attach it to other pieces of audio gear for a tight-clamping fit. Many speakers and stereo parts come with plastic mounting devices. But at Everything Polaris Ranger, we carry a full suite of metal and aluminum stereo mounts that can withstand the extreme punishment that Polaris Generals often undergo. However, mounting mechanisms aren't the only aspect of a Polaris General sound system that needs to be tough -- the wiring and adapters that riders use must also be up to the challenge.

Some riders like to pair their UTV stereo setup with a communication system. And for this, the 2-pin to Off-Road cable for handheld radios by the firm Rugged Radios is a practical cable to own. Similarly, the Polaris General Ride Command subwoofer adapter by MTX Audio will also open up the potential of your Polaris General's sound system. This adapter lets you maximize the bass output of your Polaris General's sound system without straining the machine's electrical system. It may be overkill for those without large subs, but if you have the latent bass capacity, you may as well put it to use. So whether you're looking for an adapter to add a sub to your existing Polaris General sound system, some mounts to get your speakers up and running, or a bit of wiring to tie everything together, the audio gear you seek is readily available at the click of a button from Everything Polaris Ranger.