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Air Intake

Whether you're after custom clutch air intake covers for your Polaris General or an aftermarket snorkel for your machine's CVT air intake, you'll find a great selection of Polaris General air intake accessories right here at Everything Polaris Ranger! While Polaris did do a great job at placing the primary clutch air intake, the engine air intake, and the belt intakes up high under the hood, they decided to put the secondary belt intake much lower under the driver's side of the vehicle behind the door. The position of the Polaris General air intakes is such that a good deal of dust gets blocked, however if you frequently encounter water hazards, snorkeling your machine is one of the safest things you can do to prevent damage -- and this includes the vent lines as well, that should either be bellowed or moved to a higher location. But whatever terrain you ride, we've got the Polaris General air intake accessories for you. We offer outerwears for your air intakes, as well as replacement air intake tubes and air boxes. And for those who ride areas replete with dirt, dust, and sand, accessories like particle separators are well worth the money. Don't let dirty air ruin your bike and get all the best Polaris General air intake accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger now!

In order to function at peak performance, your UTV's engine requires enough oxygen to fully combust the fuel in the engine. If the mixture is off -- i.e too rich or too lean -- then you're sure to experience heating issues. Several companies make a frog skin insert for Polaris General air intakes to keep splashed water and dust out of the belt housing, and you can also find screens for the air intakes to prevent critters from nesting inside while your bike is parked up and stored away for winter. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we sell air intake accessories to protect your machine's internals, as well as air intake accessories to move more air for both increased cooling and power gains. But regardless of whether you're in need of air intake protection accessories for your Polaris General G4, or air intake performance accessories for your Polaris General G2, you'll find the exact products you seek here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

2 products

2 products