XTC Motorsports

Founded in 2006 in Chandler, Arizona, XTC Motorsports is your go-to source for all your electrical needs, from simple jobs to the most complex of wiring projects. The experts at XTC know that you’d rather just gas up and ride, rather than have to worry about which wires to plug in where. All the same, you want the job done right and a product that will last you as long as your ute keeps rolling. Keep an eye out for XTC Motorsports and you’ll know you’re getting a great product at an even better price.

XTC Motorsports started out small and has grown with the ATV/UTV aftermarket accessories industry. Their first operation was in a small building not much bigger than your average single-family home, but only 4 years after they opened their doors, the company was able to upgrade to a larger facility and an even bigger client base. Now headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, XTC Motorsports continues to sell car and truck accessories, which first allowed them to make their mark, as well as off-road aftermarket pieces.

The founders at XTC Motorsports enjoy their personal UTVs in their off-time and first came up with the idea for XTC Motorsports when they had to do some wiring of their own. Their custom wiring endeavors soon turned into helping friends with their UTVs, and what was once a pastime soon turned into a profitable business. Thus, XTC Motorsports was born. It has been growing ever since.

XTC Motorsports is happy to offer their customers plug-in OEM adapters, power control systems, custom switches, and turn indicator systems. XTC experts take pride in the fact that their products are easy and quick to install and are organized well so that you don’t have to trace every wire out yourself. Take a look at the products they offer below, and find out if they’re your next electrical solution.

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