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Strong Made

Established in 1978 in USA, Strong Made has made a good name for themselves manufacturing metals as well as supplying accessory parts for UTV industry. It started out a creation of a rack by the founder, Kevin Savant at the age of 14 using only home made tools and scrap metals. From that period, people came in to see what he built and now it is totally a different story as they are one of the best in manufacturing accessories for latest UTV models.

With the manufacture of premium quality products, it is no surprise that Strong Made has made name for themselves as one of the forefronters in creating products such as LAWN mower accessories, basket racks, bed liners, bumpers, cabtops, cargo beds, floor boards, grille guards, lift kits, UTV toolbar and more. Looking at the unique design of these products shows you the level of dedication put into work.

Why do people trust the quality of the products? Well, before these products are released into the market, they undergo proper testing to make sure that they are 100% fit before installing them on UTVs like Polaris Ranger and others. This ensures that there is no room for having faulty products in the market. The team of engineers, welders, electricians, and other workers make certain of the quality of the products.

They provide quality assurance checks over the years to make sure only the finest products gets to their customers. The workers exhibit proper attitude, quality, cooperation, growth and are properly trained at their positions. Strong Made also have quality assurance checks on its welders, painters, packers, and shippers. Their products are also packaged properly so the product will not be damaged and that the proper parts are placed in each box and the consumers get exactly what they ordered.

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