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QuadGear Extreme

We all know that saying riding a UTV can be a lot of fun is an understatement. You’ve got horsepower at your beck and call, a machine that’ll take you almost anywhere, and only the sun’s travel in the sky to limit your adventures. As long as you keep all 4 wheels on the ground (or do you?)  and you come back in one piece, no one has to know any better.

Making the most of your UTV doesn’t have to mean that you put your body through the ringer each time you grasp those handlebars. QuadGear Extreme provides basic comforts for their UTV customers, who want to enjoy the ride. QuadGear produces high-quality, reliable equipment that will get you through whatever it is you tackle out there and back home safe, in one piece.

QuadGear Extreme products include windshields, rear windows, seat covers, and comfortable seating solutions. Many of their products are offered in a black or camouflage color scheme to blend in with your style and the wilderness around you. Their products will fit most Polaris Rangers, and give you a better ride, there and back.

So if you’re looking to make the most out of your trip without doing damage to your own body, check out what QuadGear Extreme has to offer. We know not everyone is a fan of camouflage, but a reliable, durable, and most importantly comfortable seat cushion can go a long way when you’re on the long haul. Read More