PRP UTV Products

With over 17 years in the business, the experts at PRP are well-versed in the nuances of the ATV and UTV aftermarket accessories industry. Aaron Wederking is the president of PRP, and it is his story that fueled the effort behind the founding of PRP and its continued growth.

Aaron Wederking is a motorcycle and off-road enthusiast, much like most—if not all—of his customers. With a true passion for connecting with clientele and improving their lives as they make great memories, Wederking leads the way with his open and inviting style. The company’s origins began in his garage, where he fabricated custom motorcycle parts because the ones he ordered were taking too long to arrive. What began as an innovative solution to a common problem soon brought opportunity knocking on Wederking’s door.

Establish in 1997, PRP was Wederking’s answer to the untapped potential in the suspension seat market. He knew that he could make a seat that would rival MasterCraft and Beard, so he did. All of PRP’s products have always been manufactured here in the United States of America, and Wederking employs a small-but-mighty workforce of just over 40 people Take one look at any PRP product and you can tell, the people that spend time on these parts truly put their own passion for the sport into each component.

Although PRP was acquired by Bestop in January of 2018, Wederking has personally assured his customers that the same experience that drew them to PRP will not change with the acquisition. He speaks of the arrangement as a partnership, one that will allow the brand to grow even further and reach more customers. There are a lot of great things in store for PRP.

Check out some of the amazing products PRP has to offer, including racing gear, bench seats, harnesses, limit straps, window nets, and tons of other accessories you’re sure to find a use for. Come back every so often to see what new and exciting products PRP has to offer.

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