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Kemimoto is a renowned brand in the off-roading community, founded on a deep passion for open-road adventures. Established in 2011 after a group of enthusiasts experienced a setback due to a misaligned bolt, they were inspired to create their first product: a hassle-free UTV rearview mirror. This spirit of providing convenient and top-quality solutions became Kemimoto's foundation. Over a decade, their range has grown to cater to motorcycle and boat enthusiasts too. With a robust team of designers and engineers, Kemimoto is committed to exceeding customer expectations, valuing user feedback as a critical success driver. From its five founding members, the company has grown to a 500-strong family, with an unwavering mission to help people achieve their dreams. Their association with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) further cements their industry standing, providing them with expanded resources and growth opportunities. Ultimately, Kemimoto signifies the blend of passion, dedication, and unmatched commitment to excellence in vehicle accessories.

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Kemimoto: A Beacon of Excellence in Off-Roading

Kemimoto is synonymous with innovation and relentless commitment in the off-roading community. From its inception in 2011, driven by a passion for the open road and the adventures it offers, Kemimoto has emerged as a beacon of excellence, offering an impressive range of products to motorcycle, boat, and UTV enthusiasts.

The brand's journey commenced with a minor hiccup — a misaligned bolt. Rather than seeing this as a mere inconvenience, five enthusiasts saw an opportunity to revolutionize the riding community. By 2012, they introduced a UTV rearview mirror designed for seamless installation, laying the foundation for Kemimoto's ethos of quality and convenience.

As the company grew, so did its commitment to the riding community. Kemimoto's core belief rests on the bond between a rider and their vehicle. Each journey, each ride is a testament to joy and freedom. Their mission has been unwavering: to help individuals achieve their dreams.

Kemimoto's offerings reflect a harmonious blend of design and engineering. Their rapid prototyping and constant feedback loop with seasoned UTV riders set them apart in the industry. By always listening to their community, they have continually refined their products, ensuring they meet, if not exceed, customer expectations.

For those passionate about UTVs, Kemimoto provides a wide array of products:

  1. Storage & Carrying Solutions: From bags and cargo racks to cooler brackets, Kemimoto ensures riders have ample space for all their gear.
  2. Safety & Protection: With offerings like bumpers, doors, and window nets, the brand ensures both the rider and the UTV are well-protected.
  3. Lighting & Visibility: Kemimoto's range of lighting solutions, including LED rock lights and lighted mirrors, ensures optimal visibility.
  4. Comfort & Aesthetics: Seat covers, roofs, and windshields from Kemimoto not only enhance the UTV's look but also its functionality.
  5. Utility & Functionality: With accessories like phone holders and gun racks, Kemimoto aims to elevate the utility of every UTV.
  6. Apparel & Accessories: Kemimoto's range of gloves, apparel, and other accessories ensure riders are well-equipped and their UTVs are maintained in top-notch condition.
  7. Miscellaneous: The brand's diverse offerings extend to camera mounts, horns, and even refrigerators.

In essence, Kemimoto stands out for its commitment to quality and its wide-ranging product catalog. Whether you are looking to enhance your UTV's functionality, improve its aesthetics, or upgrade its safety features, Kemimoto has something to offer. Dive into their offerings, and it becomes evident why Kemimoto is a cherished name in the off-roading community.