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HMF Racing

HMF Racing is known for its exhausts but little do many know that it all started in a garage in Cleveland Ohio as HMF Engineering Inc. in 1997. Hans Luenger started off at the time building aftermarket performance motorcycle exhausts which quickly evolved into HMF hiring three friends, HMF buying a building in Brooklyn Ohio in 1999 and beginning to expand and to diversify thus leading to customers choosing HMF Racing for their Polaris Ranger today.

Becoming a racer himself at one point in his journey to better understand the exhausts he had a passion for building, Luenger also started racing in 1999 and after some rough times reinvented HMF in 2002 by jumping into the UTV market. These aftermarket exhausts at that point had no brand name and were available at a very low price. Due to the price they were not taken as seriously with the integrity of the exhausts called into question, after all, why so cheap?

Then in a stroke of genius, Hans teamed up with Pro GNCC UTV racer John Gallagher. While he finished 18th in his class to John’s 3rd, this was the connection that he needed to showcase his exhaust systems to professional racers. After that, racers in every class and series turned to HMF Racing for their exhausts.

This was only the beginning, and over 2 decades later HMF Racing is still leading the aftermarket exhaust game. HMF Racing did not stop there. Over the years and having evolved into HMF Racing, the company added to the list of parts they offer which today includes rear bumpers, LED light bars and many more aftermarket parts for your Polaris Ranger.

The quality of their products has never fallen. HMF has held the corner that they fought hard to build and to earn in the aftermarket industry. When you choose an aftermarket exhaust from HMF you are buying into the dream of Hans Luenger who believed so passionately in creating the best aftermarket exhausts possible.

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