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Gorilla Axles

Pioneers. That is what you can call Gorilla Axles. They saw a need and filled the shoes as needed. Axles play an important supporting role in the life of your Polaris Ranger. They are the parts that make it possible for you to have that aftermarket lift kit with its extended a-arms and extreme angles.

But where did it all start? It began in the year 2000 when the need arose for the first Heavy Duty UTV axle. Innovation was necessary and Gorilla Axles rose to the challenge presented by the aftermarket parts industry. They shone again when they introduced the world’s first Heavy Duty High Angle CV axle.

Regardless of the terrain and of the speed and of the weather conditions that may leave the trail muddier than usual or the snow which would have you trudging on through should your Polaris Ranger get stuck, the aftermarket axles from Gorilla Axles will not be the component that fails you out on the trail.

When they say All-American Axles they mean All-American. The aftermarket axles made by Gorilla Axles are made out of American Steel, they are made using American machinery and American labor and are even greased with American grease. Your Polaris Ranger will be the epitome of patriotism with these axles.

Gorilla Axles is so sure that once you have added these axles to your Side x Side that you will be satisfied that they have backed all of their axles, from their stock lengths to their extended lengths and even their custom axles with a lifetime warranty and always lifetime service. Once you are the original purchaser you will always be covered by the warranty and even if you choose to sell your Polaris Ranger, the next owner will be able to continue servicing their axles with Gorilla Axles.

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