Empire Exhaust

When choosing an exhaust system for your Polaris Ranger, you may have a list of requirements to meet your expectations. Empire Industries has built an empire on exhausting its resources to make sure that it gives you performance that drives you to head to the trail to tackle it with ferocity and tenacity and to handle the trails that you have been looking forward to tackling.

The aftermarket exhaust industry has many companies but none stand up to the heat the way that Empire Industries does, especially on your Polaris Ranger. Empire Industries specializes in high-performance aftermarket 4 stroke exhaust systems and performance products. This is what they have built their name on, their brand on.

When you see the name Empire Industries you can expect it to be synonymous with aftermarket parts that are top-grade. From the presentation to the installation everything about Empire Industries just screams quality and then when you head out on your next adventure and for many to come you will enjoy the quality of performance that you receive out of your exhaust system

Your options for your Polaris Ranger include a slip on exhaust system that will fit flawlessly on the 2013 to 2016 Polaris Ranger models and that does not need you to replace your packing. It gives your Side x Side a nice sound without being too loud and uses your stock spark arrestor. Style is important in making your UTV stand out and this exhaust with its stainless steel heat shield can be powder coated to match your Polaris Ranger.

When it comes to newer models of Polaris Ranger, say the 2016-2017 models, Empire Industries also has a Slip On System that features a welded stainless steel aftermarket exhaust and that comes in a 2 inch pipe design. The construction of this design allows you to pull the most horsepower out of your machine and also comes with internal caps. This exhaust from Empire Industries does require repacking but comes with removable billet end caps that allow for easy repacking.

Choosing the perfect aftermarket exhaust system for your Polaris Ranger has never been simpler with Empire Industries able and ready to give your machine exactly what you need.

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