Eagle Plows

Eagle Plows is housed under the American Manufacturing umbrella, which also oversees a number of other ATV and UTV accessory brands. However, as of 2016, American Manufacturing and all its subsidiaries were purchased by HitchDoc, a brand well-known in many off-road circles. The acquisition has brought new life to Eagle Plows. In the years since their acquisition, Eagle Plows has continued to thrive and bring its customers the best in all things plowing.

Located now in Jackson, Minnesota, Eagle Plows strives to bring their customers to ATV and UTV plows. With HitchDoc’s experience of over 25 years in the industry, Eagle Plows has been able to expand their reach and improve their already-high-quality products. All Eagle Plows products are manufactured from American-made steel, here in the United States at HitchDoc’s manufacturing plant. Each product you buy from Eagle Plows goes to support the country’s economy. HitchDoc utilizes industry-leading technology to create one-of-a-kind products, made in a teamwork-focused environment that supports everyone involved in the manufacturing process.

Eagle Plows manufactures complete plow systems and plow blades. Many of Eagle Plows’ products are powder-coated for added rust-resistance and durability, so the product you buy will last you well beyond other plows. Each part is assembled by a team of experts who know the work they do will make someone’s memories even better.

Brad Mohns is the president and owner of HitchDoc, and is quite the innovator himself. He is passionate about the industry on both a personal and professional level. It is this same dedication to pushing the limits of their products further that led Mohns to achieve the success he has today.

Whether you’re clearing the yard from last night’s blizzard or implementing the plow in your farming efforts, Eagle Plows has you covered. Check out some of the great products from Eagle Plows below and see what the hype is all about.

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