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Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin

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The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin allows you to add 2 cup holders and extra storage, providing convenient access to small items like keys, phone, GPS and more. The padded lid makes for a comfortable armrest and features straps (not shown) to secure a laptop. Great addition to your UTV if you use yours out on the job site! Made of heavy-duty, black roto-molded low-density polyethylene. Secures with center seat belt. Made in U.S.A.

The Polaris Ranger Center Console adds convenient storage to the seating area of your Polaris Ranger! Simply latch it into position with the center seat belt on your bench style seat and you are ready to ride. This convenient design also makes removal easy if you have a 3rd passenger that is riding along! Provides easy-access and safe storage for small items such as a GPS, cell phone, keys, etc.

Designed for convenience and durability, you won't regret adding this fine product to the cab of your Polaris Ranger! Strong and sturdy construction will hold up and withstand riding in the toughest conditions and through the roughest terrain. The lid is padded to double as an armrest for added comfort!

This Polaris Ranger Center Console features two (2) cup holders and a covered compartment for storing all your vital gear! The padded lid exterior features straps (not shown in all photos) to secure a laptop, making this a great accessory if you plan on using your Polaris Ranger on the job site.

Apart from adding extra storage for you to keep your gadgets secure, this center console is built with toughness in mind. The heavy-duty build ensures that it stands against the harsh environments and the linear low-density polyethylene makes sure that it retains its shape and holds your gear in place securely. During the ride, you will be facing a lot of uneven terrains and this accessory will be able to hold its ground despite all that. It is easy to install and the padding of the console adds comfort to your ride along with storage by providing the driver and a passenger with an armrest.

Center Console Features:

  • Adds convenient storage to the seating area of your Polaris Ranger
  • Latches into position with the center seat belt
  • Heavy-duty, black rotomolded, and UV-stabilized LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) construction
  • Built to withstand the toughest conditions and the roughest of terrain
  • Padded lid
  • Includes straps for securing a laptop to lid
  • Center storage area 21" L x 10.5" W x 8" H
  • Two cup holders
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely convenient

Product Fitment

Mid-Size Vehicle 2020 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2020 Ranger EV 2019 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2019 Ranger EV/ION 2018 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2018 Ranger EV/ION 2017 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2017 Ranger EV/ION 2016 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2016 Ranger ETX 2016 Ranger EV/ION 2015 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2015 Ranger ETX 2015 Ranger EV 2014 Ranger 400 2014 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2014 Ranger 800 2014 Ranger EV 2013 Ranger 800 2013 Ranger EV 2012 Ranger 400 2012 Ranger 500 2012 Ranger EV 2011 Ranger 400 2011 Ranger 500 2011 Ranger EV
Full-Size Vehicle 2019 Ranger XP 900 2018 Ranger Diesel 2018 Ranger XP 900 2017 Ranger Diesel 2017 Ranger XP 1000 2017 Ranger XP 900 2016 Ranger Diesel 2016 Ranger XP 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2016 Ranger XP 900 2015 Ranger XP 900 2015 Ranger Diesel 2014 Ranger XP 900 2014 Ranger Diesel 2014 Ranger 800 2013 Ranger XP 900 2013 Ranger Diesel 2013 Ranger 800 2012 Ranger Diesel 2012 Ranger 800 2011 Ranger Diesel 2011 Ranger 800 2010 Ranger 800 2009 Ranger 700 2008 Ranger 700 2008 Ranger 500 2007 Ranger 700 2007 Ranger 500 2006 Ranger 700 2006 Ranger 500
Crew Vehicle 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2019 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2019 Ranger Crew 900 2018 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2018 Ranger Crew 900 2018 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2017 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2017 Ranger Crew 900 2017 Ranger Crew Diesel 2017 Ranger Crew XP 1000 2016 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2016 Ranger Crew 900 2016 Ranger Crew Diesel 2015 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize 2015 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2015 Ranger Crew 900 2015 Ranger Crew Diesel 2014 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2014 Ranger Crew 800 2014 Ranger Crew 900 2014 Ranger Crew Diesel 2013 Ranger Crew 500 2013 Ranger Crew 800 2013 Ranger Crew Diesel 2012 Ranger Crew 500 2012 Ranger Crew 800 2011 Ranger Crew 500 2011 Ranger Crew 800 2009 Ranger Crew 700
General Vehicle No

Customer Reviews

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Product Questions

Question: how in the world do you open the console? can't figure it
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin has indents on the side and should be able to lift top straight up. I have also included the directions for you.
Attachments: 4470_console_ko.pdf
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Question: Can I withstand the weight of a laptop?
Answer: Yes, the Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin can easily hold a laptop on its lid, while securing it with its straps.
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Question: Will this console fit in the 2015 Ranger EV?
Answer: Yes, the Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin will easily fit in the 2015 Ranger EV.
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Question: Will this work in a polaris 800?
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin fits the Ranger® 800 2012, 2011, Ranger® 800 (Fullsize) 2015, 2014, 2013 and the Ranger® Crew 800 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.
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Question: Will it fit a 2013 500 Midsize ranger-13? Thank you. Norm
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin fits a Polaris® Ranger® 400/500/800 (Midsize) 2013.
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Question: Would this fit on the seat of a 2018 Ranger XP 1000
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin is not a fit for the 2018-2019 Polaris Ranger - however, it has not been tested on the seat. We could not guarantee the fit on the seat.
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Question: Will it fit my 2019 XP 900? How does the should belt fit? No actual pictures
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin will not fit the 2019 XP Polaris Ranger. We do not offer an option for the 2019 Machine.
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Question: Is there anything like this that sits on the floor ('19 900 XP) instead of the seat?

The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin doesn't come in a version that sits on the floor. We have storage options for the 2019 Polaris Ranger 900XP - storage

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Question: Will this fit a 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 full size?
Answer: The Polaris Ranger Center Console by Kolpin will work on a 2015 Full Size 570 Polaris Ranger. I would always double check the dimensions in the UTV to make sure the dimensions for the console is - Overall Dimensions: 21” l x 10” w x 8” h.
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Featured Brand: KolpinPowersports

Kolpin Powersports understands that UTV lovers aren’t all avid sportsmen. They make a wide range of useful tools and aftermarket accessories for the outdoors, hunting expeditions and early days on the farm. Kolpin’s product range includes storage solutions, like center consoles and gun racks, and quality aftermarket windshields and hard roofs to keep your cab comfy and dry. Don’t forget their tough range of Polaris Ranger mirrors as well! Kolpin has some of the best engineering teams in the UTV accessory industry. Is it any surprise that their accessories are built to endure a long life of hardship with your Polaris side by side?

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