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A-Arms Bushings

Restore your a-arms to their former glory with some Polaris General a-arm bushings from Everything Polaris Ranger! With our a-arm bushings and complete a-arm rebuild kits for the Polaris General, you can increase your machine's performance while paying the absolute minimum. If you bought aftermarket Polaris General a-arms, they should have come with a separate small box with the bushings inside. However, if you bought RZR a-arms to use on your Polaris General, they may have come without a-arm bushings. Either way, if your bushings are bad or if you bought used a-arms without a-arm bushings, we're here to help at Everything Polaris Ranger. And because we offer nothing but the best Polaris General a-arm bushings from companies like All Balls Racing, Moose, SuperATV, and Garage Products, you're guaranteed to get a a-arm bushing kit that won't wear out or degrade prematurely. So if you need a-arm bushing replacements or full a-arm rebuild kits with seals, bearings, and sleeves, we've got what you seek here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

When it comes to a-arm bushings for the Polaris General, there are two main types: UHMW a-arm bushings and HDPE a-arm bushings. While the latter are a cheaper option, most riders prefer UHMW a-arm bushings because they are more durable, they last longer, and they are self lubricating. But even the best a-arm bushings will eventually wear out, because like all things, Polaris General a-arm bushings don't last forever. And if you've neglected your machine's a-arm bushings, a lack of grease will lead to even faster rates of wear and tear. So regardless of whether your a-arms are brand new, gently used, or completely spent, be sure to grease up your a-arm bushings and run a 1/4-28 tap in the grease fitting holes if they're open. And no matter what kind of a-arms you run, be sure to replace your a-arm bushings periodically with the Polaris General a-arm bushings from Everything Polaris Ranger.