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A-Arm Guards

Whether you're running high-clearance a-arms, forward a-arms, or Polaris' standard factory a-arms, get unmatched a-arm protection with the Polaris General a-arm guards at Everything Polaris Ranger. Never fear the rough stuff and gain the ability to slide over rocks, stumps, and other obstacles without incurring any damage to your a-arms or axle boots with the right set of Polaris General a-arm guards. Axiom a-arm guards are popular among Polaris General owners because they can be installed without having to drill or modify the side-by-side in any way. They are made out of aluminum, and have a unidirectional brushed finish for a nice polish that isn't excessively shiny. Where looks are concerned, these a-arm guards are fantastic. And where performance is concerned, they're even better. Axiom a-arm guards as well as the Polaris General a-arm guards by EMP and Ricochet Off-Road utilize gaps, slits, and cut-outs for drainage purposes. No matter where you ride, with the a-arm guards from Everything Polaris Ranger, your CV boots will remain unscathed and your a-arm guards won't get packed full of dust, mud, gravel, or dirt clods.

With Polaris General and Polaris General 4 a-arm guards from Trail Armor, Factory UTV, and other leading side-by-side part makers, expect nothing but the best from the accessories you find at Everything Polaris Ranger. Our a-arm guards for the Polaris General can take a beating, so if you're riding through rock gardens, stumpy terrain, or roads with excessive ruts, you'll have the highest levels of a-arm protection. And as we mentioned earlier, the Polaris General a-arm guards at Everything Polaris Ranger clean out exceptionally well, so if you're mudding, winter driving, or ripping it up on the sand dunes, mud, ice, and sand won't get trapped above them. Keep your a-arms, CV joints, a-arm bushings, and a-arm bearings protected at all times with the great a-arm guards available at Everything Polaris Ranger.