Spring Break Thingy

Can you imagine going for an adventurous trip, leaving your Polaris RZR parked outside only to realize someone stole it? It can be depressing, to say the least. For off-road lovers, your UTV is one of those things that you cannot imagine losing. That is why you need theft deterrent aftermarket accessories for your UTV. And Spring Brake Thingy is your companion in such. All the UTV aftermarket products are made meticulously, thanks to the skilled and professional technicians. Spring Brake Thingy workmanship is simply among the best, the industry has to offer.

Spring Brake Thingy understands that driving in the fields, rough terrain, or in extreme weather conditions can be punishing to your Polaris RZR. As such, they design and manufacture side by side aftermarket accessories that ensure a super-cool, fast, extreme and a safe ride. Spring Brake Thingy’s motto is quite simple – affordable and reliable. They aspire to draft and make products that you can trust and with the understanding of how demanding that can be, they have decided to focus on just one aspect of UTVs – the braking system. In fact, the company’s name says it all.

Some of the product lines for your Polaris RZR are various models and designs of lockable brakes, lockable parking breaks and also theft deterrent ignition relays. The performance of these braking systems is just outstanding. They are made in a simple and straight forward way to install faster than many brakes in the industry. Additionally, the breaks have no parts to wear out or break and thus, you can expect long-lasting brakes regardless of your escapades. The customer service at Spring Brake Thingy is exceptional. You are treated as that valued individual you are by the professional and friendly staff. Finally, Spring Brake Thingy guarantee that nothing comes in-between your rides.

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